Seattle Run Series – Resolution Series @ Seward Park

We’ve had some great feedback from our January race!
“I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great race.  I’ve been running since 1992, and this was one of the most enjoyable 5Ks that I have ever done.  Great course, well-organized, right on time, free pictures – it was great.  Thanks!”
-Jennifer O’Meara
“The venue was fantastic we had a great time and all of the people we meet where friendly and supportive. We are walkers and often we come in later than the runners and we really appreciated the support at the end.  We are part of a running group in Centralia WA and this event reminded us of the group that we meet with, it is a very supportive and friendly group of people the atmosphere was welcoming and engaging.”
- Brenda Banning
“Love the three series concept. Friendly, knowledgeable volunteers and smallish group of runners. Just my style.” - Anonymous

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7 thoughts on “Seattle Run Series – Resolution Series @ Seward Park”

  1. Hello Annette – I received the gift cert/tshirt/cert. Thank you again for helping my motivation levels. I will see you in Jan…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves….lol

  2. Thanks for a great race!
    I’m curious where/when we’ll be able to find the pictures from Sunday’s race. Should I be checking my e-mail or the website?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits.
    I loved walking and eventually doing my “shuffle jog” by the beach, with very supportive people!

    1. Hi Jennifer, A heart-felt congratulations on your most improved award! I hope you feel awesome for your accomplishment! I noticed you pushing and pumping toward the finish. Way to go! Your gift certificate for your shoes will be in the mail tomorrow. And I look forward to seeing you in January at Seward Park! Is it possible? Could you win again?!?!

  4. Hi Annette, question for you. My son Gage is 8 and loves to run, he has Down Syndrome and is only able to go about 1/4 a mile at a time and unable to complete a full 5k. As you know, his little brother Alex and i run the full 5k together, if I push Gage in his special running stroller (designed for children with disabilities, does Gage get credit for finishing the race?) Thanks for your feedback. See you November 10th. Bob Schwieger

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