Seattle Run Series

Registration is now live for the 2016 Resolution Series at Seward Park: January 31, February 28, and March 13. This is a great series for all levels and also great preparation for the Mercer Island Half Marathon on March 20th because we have added a 15k on the 3rd race. To learn more and to sign up, press the buttons on the side bar.

Race 1 of the 3-Race Series at Seward Park is complete and results are posted on the results page on the left!

The winners of the Most Improved Contest from the Fall Alki Series are Karen Lam and Adriene Woodworth!

Each runner won a $100 gift certificate to their favorite running store, entry into the Resolution Series at Seward Park on the last Sunday of January, and a SRS tech. shirt.


Karen Lam’s Improvement from Race 1 to Race 3 in the 5k: -10:23
Adrienne Woodworth’s 10k improvement from Race 1 to Race 3: -8:23

 Winners of the Fitbit Facebook challenge are: Craig Szweda and Leslie Jensen (photo to come)

Craig Szweda, winner of the Fitbit Facebook Challenge.

Many participants who registered for the 3-Race series worked vigorously on improving their time. There are many improvements to be acknowledged. Below you will find the 3-Race participants and their improvement from Race 1 to Race 3.

5kRace 1Race 2Race 3 
Azpiri, Jasmine21:0721:4420:31
Bernache, Janice34:18xxx33:41
Endreson, Kathy32:0430:4129:53
Fujimoto, Marciaxxxxxxxxx
Greene, Marianaxxx25:0825:25
Gussin, Emily20:4720:1121:07
Helmstetter, Sharon32:2928:4228:53
Hoekman, David39:5435:40xxx
Hoekman, Holly32:4335:4135:47
Hutchison, Megan34:3937:2636:04
Lam, Karen37:3528:4127:12
Lazar Thorn, Leslie33:5732:00xxx
Lohrmann, Peter18:4018:5218:54
McIndoe, Chariti32:37xxx31:24
Medeiros, John26:4525:3525:58
Nelson, Kathleen30:2929:3929:43
Nelson, Marika29:2827:2628:15
Nelson, Mia28:5226:4826:32
Oesterle, Sabrina29:54xxxxxx
Pitsch, Julien25:49xxxxxx
Pitsch, Yves28:25xxxxxx
Quick, Samantha28:43xxxxxx
Richter, Greggxxxxxxxxx
Rush, Annie29:5728:26xxx
Santoyo, Jennifer21:4221:1120:16
Szweda, Craig32:2629:0729:01
Tomaso, Donxxx52:04xxx
Tomaso, Maryxxx52:02xxx
Tucker-Higgins, Clare29:5528:48xxx
Viado, Gina41:1443:10xxx
Wakeman, Shanda39:0637:5040:23
Watt, Alex32:4432:3933:02
Watt, Jennifer34:2332:5133:56
10kRace 1Race 2Race 3
Baer, Danielle58:441:02:14xxx
Bassett, Elisa1:10:161:08:591:04:56
Brownlee, Christinaxxxxxxxxx
Cearley, Brenda1:08:02xxxxxx
Cruz, Brittany1:07:201:05:48xxx
Deng, Chengying1:04:25xxx1:01:41
Guajardo, Nanda1:02:031:02:1157:18:00
Lewnam, Chandra1:21:121:22:111:14:33
Hesky, Andrew54:46xxx51:50
Intrachat, Karen49:31xxxxxx
Kennedy, Katie1:02:021:02:1257:14
Lee, Cynthia1:07:331:10:171:08:!1
Mahoney, Barbaraxxxxxx54:44
McCormack Martin, Deidre1:03:02xxxxxx
Merino, Danxxx45:39xxx
Moore, Joanna1:10:161:09:031:04:56
O'Connor, Deanne49:27xxx51:14:00
Patira, Shweta1:13:28xxxxxx
Perry, Jessica49:33xxxxxx
Sedgwick, Anne1:13:311:12:431:13:34
Sivadasan, Alaina1:00:22xxxxxx
Sivadasan, Sumit1:00:21xxxxxx
Wadley, Stephanie1:16:311:13:521:10:42
Woodworth, Adriene1:31:411:28:321:23:18
Zajac, Leah53:29.054:05.0xxx

8 thoughts on “Seattle Run Series”

  1. Hello Annette – I received the gift cert/tshirt/cert. Thank you again for helping my motivation levels. I will see you in Jan…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves….lol

  2. Thanks for a great race!
    I’m curious where/when we’ll be able to find the pictures from Sunday’s race. Should I be checking my e-mail or the website?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits.
    I loved walking and eventually doing my “shuffle jog” by the beach, with very supportive people!

    1. Hi Jennifer, A heart-felt congratulations on your most improved award! I hope you feel awesome for your accomplishment! I noticed you pushing and pumping toward the finish. Way to go! Your gift certificate for your shoes will be in the mail tomorrow. And I look forward to seeing you in January at Seward Park! Is it possible? Could you win again?!?!

  4. Hi Annette, question for you. My son Gage is 8 and loves to run, he has Down Syndrome and is only able to go about 1/4 a mile at a time and unable to complete a full 5k. As you know, his little brother Alex and i run the full 5k together, if I push Gage in his special running stroller (designed for children with disabilities, does Gage get credit for finishing the race?) Thanks for your feedback. See you November 10th. Bob Schwieger

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